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1 out of 4 adults in Poland has Obesity, representing around 8 million people1, of which less than 1% receive treatment. On average, a patient spends about 5 years before going to the doctor and starting treatment1. Obesity is associated with nearly 200 health complications, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer2. Over the next 30 years, expenses related to overweight, obesity and the resulting complications will amount to over 4% of Poland's GDP3.

At Novo Nordisk, we are committed to tackle and solve this current local health challenge by bringing healthcare solutions which can address the needs of people living with obesity.

We are inviting all start-ups and scale-ups developing digitally integrated health ecosystems, striving towards a seamless patient experience and journey, and know the realities of the Polish market, to submit their proposals on this website.

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Novo Nordisk will provide non-equity funding to a start-up or scale-up depending upon the scope of work and required resources to deliver a seamless patient experience.

The selected start-up will be working closely with Novo Nordisk, a multinational pharma company leader in obesity management. You will work closely with medical, marketing & digital teams,  both locally & regionally, during the project implementation.

Opportunity to get more exposure to the regional Novo Nordisk network.